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      Don Aronow Marathon Race 2010
         DAMMR10 RichLuhrs
         DAMMR10 CharlieMcCarthy
         DAMMR10 StuHayim
         Around Long Island
      DAMMRALI Gas SeaTow
      Don Aronow Memorial Race 2011
      Don Aronow Marathon Race 2012
         Stuart Hayim Recovery
      Don Aronow Marathon Race 2013
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      Old Saybrook
         Past Old Saybrook Events
         Old Saybrook 2013
      New Rochelle
   New York City
   39 Cigarette 1982
   38 Michelob Light Scarab
   Chevelle SS 1968
   TRS Outdrive
   40 Cigarette
   28 Pantera 1989
   Exhaust Diverters
   Eagle Trailer 2008
   Chris Craft 314 Stinger
   2003 Harley VRSC
   Firebird Formula 400 1970
   Atlantic Challenger II
   Cigarette Cafe Racer 1987
   10M Fountain 1988
   41' Apache 1987
   39 Sea Ray 1988
   26 Donzi ZX 2001
   35 Cigarette Cafe Racer 1986
   Target Trailers
   Chevrolet Silverado 2001
   39 Cigarette 1980
   565cu in Bob Teague
   Sutphen Ocean Pacer
   1989 Apache 41
   41 Apache NO MOTORS
   42 Fountain Executioner 2005
   43 WellCraft Portofino
   Sea Ray 370 Sundancer
   27 Fountain Fever 1995
   35 Cigarette Race Boat
   Trailer-47 Apache
   Mercury Pricing 2017
   Cigarette SE39 1981
   36 Apache 1998
   41 Apache 1993
   Cigarette Top Gun 2004
   Corsa 1991
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   Stu Hayim Recovery 2015
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The National Powerboat Association is dedicated to the advancement of powerboating in America
through event promotions and productions and as a purveyor of powerboats, powerboat equipment, videos, and sportswear. 
Conceived in 1976 with various regional events and upgraded in 1982 to national events,
the N.P.B.A.'s boating experience assures premium shows and quality products.

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