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The original Michelob Light Scarab. 

Steering is Latham, Exhausts are Stelling 4inch
Engines are 540 cubic inch
Blocks-     Chevy Bow Tie , 4.530 bore
Heads-     aluminum, 320.
Carbs-      Dominator
Intake-     Wieland
Pistons-    J&E, 10.2 compression
cams-        solid roller
cranks-      Moldex, 4 1/4 stroke
rods-         Carrillo, heavy cap
lifters-       Competion 

The boat is the original Michelob Light Scarab from 1977. I did a full restoration down to the bare hull and deck. It has new 540ci carbureted motors making 700 hp. The boat has 3A big shaft drives. The giant K-Planes, and 4" headers. It also has a fully restored but vintage race trailer as well. I recently had it re-logoed with the Michelob Light name.The boat has amazing construction. When I restored I bought new headers and had to cut the transom. The core is 3 inches thick. From the outside in there is gel coat, Kevlar, two pieces 3/4 inch marine plywood, a layer of carbon fiber, 1/8th inch aluminum plate, carbon fiber, two 3/4 inch marine plywood, and Kevlar. I ran into Larry Smith at the MAAC conference in Va a few years ago and asked him about the carbon fiber (as 77 seemed too early for that product). He told me that Joey Ippolito told him he wanted the best and most advanced race boat out there. Larry brought in aero space engineers to help with the lamination schedule. He also told me by the time the hull and deck were complete and delivered to Richie Powers Fl for rigging the price tag was 200K (1977 dollars). I had Richie Powers consult on the restoration and he told me the same crazy money stories about Joey. He wanted everything the best of the best. He would show up with garbage bags full of money when it was time to settle the monthly billing. He even had Richie mill a solid aluminum radio bracket so it would hold up in the pounding conditions. The only noticeable items I did not restore back to original were the "beer can" graphics on the fule tanks and a modern steering wheel for comfort. Everything else in the rigging is pretty close to or original. The core has no rot. The boat has never been sitting in the water for extended periods.







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The National Powerboat Association is dedicated to the advancement of powerboating in America
through event promotions and productions and as a purveyor of powerboats, powerboat equipment, videos, and sportswear. 
Conceived in 1976 with various regional events and upgraded in 1982 to national events,
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